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PARTIAL NEPHRECTOMY - excision of a suspicious renal mass, typically renal cell carcinoma, leaving the majority of normal kidney intact
NEPHROURETERECTOMY - removal of the entire kidney and ureter with a segment of bladder in patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney/ureter
ADRENALECTOMY - surgical removal of the adrenal gland for a functioning adenoma, pheocromocytoma, or suspected adrenal cancer
PYELOPLASTY - surgical correction of ureteropelvic junction obstruction often as a result of a crossing vessel
URETERAL STRICTURE REPAIR/URETERAL REIMPLANT - repair of a ureteral stricture from various causes (i.e. injury from prior surgery or stone disease )
DIVERTICULECTOMY - excision of a bladder diverticulum which may be performed in conjunction with other procedures
SACROCOLPOPEXY - surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse using mesh
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