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It has been three years since Dr. Wason cared for my mentally and physically handicapped brother with extraordinary competency and compassion. To honor Dr. Wason's generosity of spirit, I am now wrapping a Christmas present for him. To honor that humanity surely makes a case for a fine human being especially since my brother died three years ago of issues unrelated to urological care. If he were my son, I would be extremely proud.

Claire Cooper

I never felt more confident going into my surgery with Dr. Wason and the results were amazing. He assured me of the procedure and recovery process and that to is amazing. Have recommended one of my best friends to Dr. Wason and assured him of the end results. Yours truly, James Smith

James Smith

Winthrop, MA

Dr Shaun Wason, Urologist Treated me for Benign Enlarged Prostate with HOLEP surgery which is a laser surgery that cores out the prostate gland to relieve pressure on the urethra. It is a relatively new procedure. This is now 4 weeks post op with symptoms improving. I could not have asked for a better and more compassionate doctor. He answered questions very promptly even by email . He followed up beyond what I had expected. I am very pleased with my treatment and would highly recommend him

Joel Alpert

Woburn, MA

I had been suffering from intense pain and the feeling of having to urinate almost every hour for 4 weeks. I wanted a 2nd opinion after being told I just had over active bladder. Dr. Wason's office got me in that day, determined I needed surgery for an impacted stone, and I had surgery that afternoon. His office was quick to respond to my every question. He is so professional and made me feel totally at ease. I would recommend him to anyone in need of urological surgery!


Rhode Island

I will admit I was afraid of having surgery at 73 years old, but Dr. Shaun Wason provided the utmost professional care throughout my prostrate pre-surgery, surgery and after care. He is simply AMAZING, informative, kind, caring and professional. I was impressed with Dr. Wason's incredible attention to details, each step of the way, which resulted in a successful surgery and recovery for me. Many thanks to Dr. Wason for his outstanding care...May God continue to bless him!

George Burnett

Boston, MA

Dr.Wason is my new best friend...Had Laser surgery for an enlarged prostate and couldn't be Happier

Michael A. Semertgakis

Cocoa Beach Fl

Boston U's gain is surely our loss! I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Wason by our ER physician after a bout of kidney stones. He is more than competent, confident, caring & reassuring. I was always surprised & pleased that he would always TAKE THE TIME to inquire about my husband, family & retirement travels. We wish him all the best as he climbs the professional scale, AND gets to live nearer his family too!

Name withheld

Virginia Beach, VA

My introduction to Dr. Wason was thru a referral by one of his colleagues for an acute urinary retention problem. As you can imagine I was very apprehensive not knowing what to expect but from our very first introduction Dr. Wason made me feel at ease. It was like I was talking with an old friend.. To sum it all up I would recommend Dr. Wason based on his friendly bed side manner and skill as a surgeon. He is a compassionate professional who truly cares about his patients' quality of life.

J Harvey

Virginia Beach, VA

A very honest, humble and family man, I can further characterized Dr. Wason as an experienced, well-sabe and highly knowledgeable Urologist that specializes in providing his patients utmost care and personal attention. If anyone is looking for an Urologist who is extremely accurate, methodical, well rounded, experienced, highly knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate with down to earth personality, Dr. Wason is your doctor. I have been under his care for four years now and totally satisfied.

Jose S

Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Wason is very competent professionally and conducts procedures effectively and efficiently. Equally important is his "bedside manner" - he is calm, confident and reassuring which was so helpful for a patient like me worrying about prostate issues. I highly recommend this good doctor.

Mervyn W

Virginia Beach, VA

My experience with Dr. Wason has been and continues to be excellent. He is always forthright and clear in his communication with me, and has taken the time to get to know me. I trust him not only for his excellent surgical skills, but for his diligent and detailed follow-up.

Scott B

Virginia Beach, VA

Had a minor surgical procedure done by Dr Wason and the entire experience was terrific. Great surgical skills and very down to earth personality and demeanor. He was very informative and willing to answer all questions in the lead up to the procedure. I would highly recommend him for any urologic conditions to any one needing treatment. Hopefully I will be done for a while with urology needs however if and when I need additional care it is good to know Dr Wason will not be retiring soon.

Jorge P

Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Wason was a professional In every sense of the word. I was very pleased with how he handled my procedure and the follow-ups afterwards.

Rev Dr. Freddie Johnson

Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Wason was fantastic. He explained everything that I might experience during and after the Protouch laser procedure. I never had any pain afterwards and was healed suffiently to go back to work in less than two weeks. After the surgery he spent time with my wife and family to explain everything to them. After returning home (same day) I took a 20 minute nap and was eating pizza by 5pm. Since the surgery I urinate less than half the time I did before the procedure.

Tim Henry

Virginia Beach, VA

Excellent experience with Dr. Wason. He did a prostate biopsy in October 2015 where I unfortunately was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He explained my options including having my biopsy samples sent to a lab for an oncotype-dx test that showed my cancer was the fast growing type that convinced me that my prostate should be removed. Dr Wason did a prostatectomy on me in March. His surgical skills meant my recovery has been very good. I recommend him without reservations.

Steven D

Chesapeake, VA

Highly recommended him and his staff were very professional and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable.

Robert Griffin

Portsmouth, VA

I had excellent results of diagnosis and laser surgery by Dr. Shaun Wason on my enlarged prostate. It was outpatient and I didn't need to stay in hospital. I could drive and work the second day after surgery. Most symptoms healed in about 10 days. I am 66 years old.

Name withheld

Virginia Beach, VA

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